The food of God and gift of the Valentine, cocoa

Theobroma this genus consists of about twenty species of evergreen trees that can be found from tropical America. The trees can grow naturally as understory plants in the forests. Theos means God, while broma means food. It refers to the seeds of Theobroma cocoa as the food of God, which is the chocolate. Theobroma cacao, commonly known as cocoa or cacao is native to the tropical forests of Central America. This tree can grow up … Read More

The house of the Spongebob – pineapple

Pineapple is neither pine nor apple but is a monocot plant that is also a herbaceous perennial. Scientifically referred to as Ananas comosus, pineapple is a native species of southern Brazil and Paraguay area, where the wild relatives are found, the pineapple was firstly domesticated by the Indians and carried up through South and Central America to Mexico and the West Indies long before the arrival of Europeans. The pineapple was praised by early European … Read More

Trick or treat? The Halloween pumpkin

Knock! Knock! Trick or treat? Candies, vampires, ghosts, skulls, of course, the freak pumpkins. Botanically pumpkin is the common name of Cucurbita pepo L. in the family of Cucurbitaceae, which has the most species as human food. The genus Cucurbita is native to North America, including northeastern Mexico and the southern United States. Cucurbita fraternal and Cucurbita Texana are the possible progenitors for pumpkins. How pumpkin became the major role of Halloween, and why carving … Read More

Durian, an exotic fruit that is the King in Southern Asia

Thanks to the convenience of air transportation and the active exchange of commodities globally. Durian, an exotic fruit that most Americans are not familiar with, can be found in most Asian supermarkets across the USA. This fruit is extraordinarily unique, known as the king of the fruits in Southern Asia, but also brings two extremely controversial responses, people either love or hate it. The taste of durian is a complex experience that has been described … Read More