Month: May 2020

Opinions Phytochemicals

Trends of Producing coronavirus vaccine using Tobacco Plants

Before the commercialized vaccine was introduced, people mostly use traditional ways such as medicinal plants to battle infectious diseases. Plants that have antibiotic properties such as ginger, echinacea kill some pathogens and benefit the immune system. But using plants as vaccine factories is a relatively new idea because plants do not produce pathogens or human proteins. Not until plant genetic engineering technologies have been in the playing for the past 3 decades which allows foreign […]

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Lichen-Derived Culture and Its Application

Lichens have been used as foods, medicines, dyes, and perfumes since ancient times. Many pharmacologically active compounds have been isolated from lichens. However, lichens in nature are rare and seasonal, and harvesting as an industrial resource may lead to the extinction of species. Therefore, to be used in industrial applications, they must be cultured in vitro. Pharmacological use – Lichens are symbiotic associations composed of fungal (mycobiont) and algal (photobiont) partners. They produce secondary metabolites […]

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Plant tissue culture

Plant tissue culture is a technology widely used in fast propagation of cash plants. It requires strict aseptic techniques to ensure no contamination occurs. The principle of tissue culture is cell totipotent, in another word, every plant cell has the potential to develop into a whole plant. However practically actively growing tissue such stem tips are more easily to manipulate. You don’t want to pick an old leaf tissue to carry out tissue culture. But […]

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