A brew-tiful day!

A good morning always starts with a beautiful brew that fills up the atmosphere of the room with a coffee aroma.  Coffee is the seeds of a small tree originating from tropical Africa and native to few places in Asia. At the same time, wild coffee is found in the remote forests of Africa and on the island of Madagascar. Wild coffees are also found in other tropical countries like India, Sri Lanka, and Australia. … Read More

Social distancing among plants

The Covid-19 outbreak, the strike of one of the most contagious viruses in human history has caused a global pandemic with widespread infections around the world. The coronavirus spread so fast that people can get infected either through close contact with infected people, a few touches with an item’s surface that has viruses on it, or just staying in the same room with an infected person for a short time. Because of the airborne ability, … Read More

Phytochemicals – a colorful rainbow that is edible

Natural light separates into seven different colors through a prism, which is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Luckily these are the colors you can find on your dinner table, a full spectrum of the rainbow that is edible. Colorful food is a visual delight, the diversified colors are not just an enhancement of the appearance of food but also beneficial to our health in many ways. In this article, the colors are … Read More

Trends of Producing coronavirus vaccine using Tobacco Plants

Before the commercialized vaccine was introduced, people mostly use traditional ways such as medicinal plants to battle infectious diseases. Plants that have antibiotic properties such as ginger, echinacea kill some pathogens and benefit the immune system. But using plants as vaccine factories is a relatively new idea because plants do not produce pathogens or human proteins. Not until plant genetic engineering technologies have been in the playing for the past 3 decades which allows foreign … Read More