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Berry good! 2.0

Blueberry General description Blueberries belong to the genus Vaccinium in the health family Ericaceae. They are classified in the Cyanococcus section within the genus Vaccinium. Several sections are agriculturally important, including Cyanococcus (true blueberries), Oxycoccus (cranberries), and Myrtillus (bilberries and whortleberries). Wild representatives of Oxycoccus and Myrtillus are found in Europe and North America, while Cyanococcus is solely in North America. This is a large and varied genus of about four hundred and fifty species […]

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The smallest plant in the world – Duckweed

Duckweed species are the most miniature flowering plants with minute sizes from 0.5 millimeters to less than two centimeters. They are commonly known as water lentils or water lenses, a subfamily of flowering aquatic plants. Allied to Lemna, this is a genus of eight species of floating aquatics distributed over most of the tropical to warm-temperature regions of the world. They are among the most miniature known flowering plants, having minuscule, bright green plant bodies […]

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