There is no botanical hospital. Does a plant own a weapon?

Unlike animals, plants are sessile organisms, which are not able to move by themselves. They do not have wings to fly nor legs to walk. However, plants are anywhere, and they are transported from an area to another area with the help of a disperser, or a pollinator. The dispersers/pollinators can be rain or wind, or it can be organisms like insects, animals, and humans. The wild nature is about being prey and predator. Prey … Read More

Social distancing among plants

The Covid-19 outbreak, the strike of one of the most contagious viruses in human history has caused a global pandemic with widespread infections around the world. The coronavirus spread so fast that people can get infected either through close contact with infected people, a few touches with an item’s surface that has viruses on it, or just staying in the same room with an infected person for a short time. Because of the airborne ability, … Read More

They are murderous plants – not carnivorous

Carnivorous plants have earned their fame by unique trap and kill devices that catching or luring animals. There are some other species that share similarities with carnivorous plants but not quite the same. The determination factor solely depends on their relationship with the growing environment including the victim. Whether or not the killing mechanism is critical for survival in a particular environment, where other plants cannot or at least cannot grow well. Carnivorous plants rely … Read More

Symbiosis – the ways that plant interacts

Plants of the same and different species interact with each other in the ecosystem actively or inactively in many different ways. The ecological relationships are known as symbiosis, which means “living together”. It is a relationship between any type of close and long-term biological interaction between two different biological organisms, mainly commensalism, mutualism, parasitism, and other types of interaction. The organisms, known as symbiont, can be of the same or different species of plants and … Read More