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Me time or teatime?

Tea, scientifically known as Camellia sinensis, is recognized as one of the most popular genera in the flowering shrubs with the profusion and beauty of the garden varieties. It is the second most commonly drank liquid after water. All the tea is made from this species, and it is grown mainly in the plantations in highlands of tropical Asia. It originated from southern China, then spread to Japan and India and more recently in other […]

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There is no botanical hospital. Does a plant own a weapon?

Unlike animals, plants are sessile organisms, which are not able to move by themselves. They do not have wings to fly nor legs to walk. However, plants are anywhere, and they are transported from an area to another area with the help of a disperser, or a pollinator. The dispersers/pollinators can be rain or wind, or it can be organisms like insects, animals, and humans. The wild nature is about being prey and predator. Prey […]

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Tobacco Company working on potential COVID-19 vaccine

01 April 2020 Potential vaccine in development for COVID-19 using new, fast-growing tobacco plant technology – pre-clinical testing under way Tobacco plants offer the potential for faster and safer vaccine development compared to conventional methods Potential to manufacture 1-3 million doses of vaccine per week BAT’s US bio-tech subsidiary, Kentucky BioProcessing (KBP), is developing a potential vaccine for COVID-19 and is now in pre-clinical testing. If testing goes well, BAT is hopeful that, with the […]

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