Day: November 25, 2020


Agriculture- Indoor farming

Conventional farming is known as open farming, whereby the crops exposed to the air and experience all kinds of environmental factors. However, some herbaceous crops like vegetables are more susceptible to the change in the environmental factors specifically temperature and pests, for instance, locust attacks in Africa that lead to starvation due to the destruction of the crops. Moreover, the growing period of the vegetables to harvest period is relatively short as compared to the […]

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Anecdotes Plant Defense Mechanism Plant Interaction

Social distancing among plants

The Covid-19 outbreak, the strike of one of the most contagious viruses in human history has caused a global pandemic with widespread infections around the world. The coronavirus spread so fast that people can get infected either through close contact with infected people, a few touches with an item’s surface that has viruses on it, or just staying in the same room with an infected person for a short time. Because of the airborne ability, […]

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