Endless possibilities – plant tissue culture (2)

Plant tissue culture has gained phenomenal success in applications for fast multiplication, but the possibilities are far more than that. Unlike the conventional methods, the in-vitro method involves the usage of artificial nutrient media, plant growth regulators, and well-controlled light, air, and temperatures, all together allow tuning of the inner physiology and resetting of the expression pattern of genes that are responsible for growth and development. Tissue-cultured plants grow much faster at an early stage … Read More

Agricultural biotechnology – plant tissue culture (1)

The world constantly facing an increasing challenge of balancing between food security and the expanding human activities such as deforestation for agricultural, housing, and industrial activity. According to the United Nations, the global population had more than doubled in just 50 years reaching approximately 7.8 billion as of October 2020 compared to the 3.6 billion in 1970. Modern agriculture continues to evolve in order to accommodate the growing population, from which biotechnologies bring vital progress … Read More