Agriculture Physiology

Agriculture – The light

What color is a plant? Green? Red? Our eyes received the image of an object through the reflection of light. If the object we see is white color, it indicates that the whole spectrum of light is reflected by the object and received by the receptor of our eyes. Before that, we need to know what is found in light, sunlight to be specific. A light can be diffused through a prism and projected seven […]

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Botany Carnivorous Plants Physiology

An imagination story: an introduction of carnivorous plants

Plants are mostly autotrophic that produce food by photosynthesis from inorganic raw material like sunlight and carbon dioxide. However, there is a very special group of plants that evolved in a unique way that they obtain nutrients through trapping animals. Unlike parasite plants who are unable to photosynthesis, carnivorous plants are capable of making their own food by photosynthesis and meanwhile capable of eating animals. As sessile and passive forms of life, how do carnivorous […]

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