Day: January 6, 2021

Houseplants Pteridophytes

The Spleenwort – Asplenium

Asplenium is one of the most popular houseplants in the family of Aspleniaceae which consists of seven hundred evergreen ferns widely distributed around the world. It has a very diverse growth form as the genus includes terrestrial and epiphytic species and the species that grow on the rocks. The variations among the species made the distinct features that differentiate from a species to another species. Some make dense turfs of fronds or rosettes. Others creep […]

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The Japanese art – Bonsai

Bonsai in Japanese means the plant in a pot. Once a luxury for the privileged people or garden centers of specialists, these tiny artistic trees were uncommon curiosities or botanical freaks due to the fine aesthetic design and artistic conception. Not until now, indoor miniature landscaping has been gaining popularity as modern green, which also bring back this ancient art to the general public for everybody who is into this art. Because of the association […]

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