Day: February 10, 2021


The lovely leaf – Hoya

A twiner or root climber with lovely leaves is known as Hoya under the family of Apocynaceae, with waxy foliage. It is one of the most popular plants that are about two to three hundred species during Valentine’s day that is native to Southeast Asia, New Guinea, and tropical Australia. Hoya is commonly known as a waxy flower that bears clusters of scented, star-shaped flowers in the summer. Hoya is waxy and resembles cake ornaments […]

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Botany Propagation

From one to multiple – plant propagation (1)

Plants have the amazing ability to multiply themself into hundreds and thousands once the condition is favored. In the process of spreading the progeny from the parent plant, every plant cell literally has the potential to develop into a new plant. As rooted and sessile organisms, in order to expand their territories and occupy more land, plants must catch every opportunity that spreads their offsprings. Anything that moves around them could serve as transportation vehicles, […]

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