Day: December 7, 2020

Ethnobotany Gymnosperms Horticulture

The tree that bears presents – Christmas tree

The Christmas present is underneath the Christmas tree. Weeks before, the children had written letters to the baby Jesus and slipped them in between the winter windows. Then, the children go to bed while waiting for the surprises from Santa Claus. The tradition of giving presents is not so very old. There was a time when the Christmas tree was unknown in the mountainside. Nowadays, the market offers a Christmas tree suitable for every taste […]

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Ethnobotany Horticulture

The Christmas star– Poinsettia

Many flower blossoms remind us of radiant stars in appearance and color. The flowers and other plant parts with stars ultimately lead to the Christmas star or star of Bethlehem, which is a natural conclusion from the Christian point of view that dominated even science until at least the end of the nineteenth century. Potted poinsettias are a familiar Christmas decoration all over the northern hemisphere, but this native of Mexico is only a garden […]

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