The flower of Mother’s Day

The flowers that dedicated to mothers on the coming Mother’s day are carnation, representing the deep love and loyalty to mothers. Scientifically known as Dianthus sp., consists of around three hundred species, carnation is a meaningful flower choice with a long history. The name dianthus can be translated to “flower of love” or “flower of the gods”. It’s mostly found in Europe and Asia, a single species is found in Arctic North America and a few extending … Read More

The tree that bears presents – Christmas tree

The Christmas present is underneath the Christmas tree. Weeks before, the children had written letters to the baby Jesus and slipped them in between the winter windows. Then, the children go to bed while waiting for the surprises from Santa Claus. The tradition of giving presents is not so very old. There was a time when the Christmas tree was unknown in the mountainside. Nowadays, the market offers a Christmas tree suitable for every taste … Read More

Trick or treat? The Halloween pumpkin

Knock! Knock! Trick or treat? Candies, vampires, ghosts, skulls, of course, the freak pumpkins. Botanically pumpkin is the common name of Cucurbita pepo L. in the family of Cucurbitaceae, which has the most species as human food. The genus Cucurbita is native to North America, including northeastern Mexico and the southern United States. Cucurbita fraternal and Cucurbita Texana are the possible progenitors for pumpkins. How pumpkin became the major role of Halloween, and why carving … Read More