Day: February 23, 2021

Morphology Taxonomy

Not only used for photosynthesis – the roles of leaf in species identification

A great appreciation goes to the famous Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus who launched the binomial nomenclature system (International Code for Botanical Nomenclature), which is still applicable nowadays. How to identify the species based on morphological traits? A plant is easily identified through its flower or fruits because either the color or the structure of the organs are distinguished. However, not all plants have flowers and some flowering plants are seasonal and may have very short […]

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Indoor plants have undoubtedly become an essential of every house. As the global pandemic caused by covid19 cases increasing, many careers are required to work remotely or work from home (WFH). From time to time, people found it is better to have indoor plants to decorate the working area, and now, house plants are widely demanded creating greenery in the house. The main criteria for choosing the indoor plant are to have plants that demand […]

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