Christmas of a desert – Christmas cactus

Christmas cacti are familiar flower shop pot plants. Cacti of this genus, Schlumbergera, are some of the most widely cultivated and enjoyed cacti. It is named to honor Fréderic Schlumberger, an avid French cultivator of cacti and other succulents. It is a tough plant that can grow over a year and it is suitable for Thanksgiving and Easter. This genus consists of six species of bushy cacti that are originated from southeastern Brazil. They gave … Read More

Succulents, the most “suc”-cessful plants

Succulent, the most “suc”-cessful survivor that can be found in arid areas such as desert when nothing is found. Then how about cactus, the most famous desert plant? Well, succulent commonly named as xerophytes, xeros means dry, because of their adaptability to live in a dry environment. Cactus (plural cacti) is one of the widely known examples of succulents. Almost all cacti are stem succulents. Overall, succulents are briefly referring to the rosette-plants that have … Read More

Aloe you vera much

Aloe vera is one of the few plants that share the same scientific and common name. It is a flowering plant that originates from Northern Africa under the family of Aloaceae, which was previously placed under the lily family (Liliaceae). Aloe vera is a xerophyte, a plant that can grow in arid conditions and can withstand long periods of drought. This adaptation includes waxy leaves, the ability to store water, leaves reduced to spines to … Read More