The swiss cheese plant – Monstera

Monstera is one of the most popular ornamental plants. It is famous and increasingly on demand because of the beauty of its big leaves. Monstera that is scientifically known as Monstera sp. is a genus of twenty-five species. Furthermore, it is native to tropical America and the West Indies. Most of the house plant lovers keep this plant on their list apart from Philodendron. Like Philodendron, it is a very large evergreen tropical climber that … Read More

Christmas of a desert – Christmas cactus

Christmas cacti are familiar flower shop pot plants. Cacti of this genus, Schlumbergera, are some of the most widely cultivated and enjoyed cacti. It is named to honor Fréderic Schlumberger, an avid French cultivator of cacti and other succulents. It is a tough plant that can grow over a year and it is suitable for Thanksgiving and Easter. This genus consists of six species of bushy cacti that are originated from southeastern Brazil. They gave … Read More

Selaginella – False roses of Jericho

Selaginella is an evergreen, rhizomatous perennial in the genus of Selaginella from the family of Selaginellaceae. Generally known as spike moss or arborvitae ferns, mainly found in tropical and warm-temperate zones, Selaginella is highly valued as small ornamental plants that provide a very satisfactory blossom miracle. Although share resemblance with the true rose of Jericho (Anastatica hierochuntica), which is a flowing plant in the family Brassicaceae. They are absolutely botanically unrelated because Selaginella is one … Read More

Tips for choosing the ideal location for houseplants

It is undeniable that modern green ensures green positivity for us especially those who work from home in the current global pandemic. A room with modern green, not only provides natural positivity but also supply plenty of fresh air to us by eliminating toxic substances from the air. Other than the miniature indoor landscaping planting such as bonsai, kokedama, and terrarium, the most popular way would be growing houseplants in the dwelling. There is a … Read More

The five key elements for indoor plants to thrive

When I was young, my father used to keep a bonsai and a pot of mini bamboo in the living room, they were static forever, tranquil yet lifeful. Our house plants run in a routine for years, a tray of blooming daffodil in the spring and yellow chrysanthemum in the autumn. We may not notice, but we live closely and co-evolve with plants throughout human history. The first flowering plant appeared about 130 million years ago, … Read More