Ginger – the omnipotent root

Ginger undoubtedly is a magic plant that possesses incredible healing and disease-fighting powers. Scientifically known as Zingiber officinalis in the family Zingiberaceae, native to southern China but is widely cultivated around the world. Closely related to the well-known species like turmeric and cardamom, ginger is highly valued as a medicinal plant for thousands of years both in India and China. The parts of the ginger that usually consumed are the modified roots known as rhizomes, … Read More

Aromatic herbs – the green magic

Herbs are often confused with herbaceous. Generally, herbs are plants that are valued for their flavor, scent, or medicinal properties due to the presence of the volatile compounds. Herbaceous, however, is a botanic term referring to perennial plants that are non-woody foliage and flower in each growing season. Herb usually has a succulent and soft texture, but with exceptions such as rosemary have woody stems with soft sprigs. As one of the essentials in our … Read More